Mini version 5x20 (extra app)

Without C, Q, Y and X

5X20 MINI game is specifically intended for those, who don't like the difficult letters, for young people, for the older ones, for people who want to learn the language and want to do that in a nice, sociable way in a competition.


At the MINI versions words are made from the letters without c, q, y and x and with a nice distribution of vowels and consonants. The art is then of course to make not only words, but also to place them on the spaces that have more points value to get the highest possible score.


The mini version is an extra app. You can download it in the app store.



Varianten 5x20 Mini: 

3x 20

3 rounds of 20 letters (free)

Easy game for young, learning people, without difficult letters. Educational for everyone.


3 rounds of 10 letters (free)

The same game as above, now with only 10 letters, short time and easy letters in order to make words.


5 rounds of 20 letters (€0,89)

You play 5 rounds of 20 letters. This is just like the basic game of 5x20, without the difficult letters.


10 rounds of 10 letters (€0,89)

The principle is the same as the 5x20game, but now you will receive only 10 letters for each round only 10 letters.


All rounds of 8 letters, till all the letters are used (€0,89)

In this game you are allowed to play only one word horizontally or vertically. You play further on the board with the highest word score.