Rules for playing

You can place the letters horizontally or vertically in one round. Every time you make a word press: play. You can always change your word during the same round. When you have finishesd all your words, you can send them. If your opponent also has finished this round, you can see the board of the opponent with the score and you will receive again 8, 10 or 20 new letters, of course each player the same letters. In this way you will play 3, 5 or 10 rounds, just like the name of the game. Only with the X+ game, you will get 8 letters till there are no more letters and you are allowed to set only one word. You can earn bonuspoints, when you make words of 7 or more letters. And also if you have used all 100 letters..

The goal is to get as many points as possible. This is an honest and fair wordgame.

To make this unique game even more attractive, you can play the game with any number of opponents. Who is getting the most points of the group?


Basic rules for playing:

1. Begin with a word in the middle.
2. Try to use all the letters
3. It does not matter how many words are made (except for the new game X+)
4. After every word that is finished, press "play". (without individual letters)
5. Recover means: the last word goes back to the letterboard.
6. Clear means: all the unused letters go back to the letterboard.
7. Send: all the words are finished.
8. You can play all the games with any number of opponents.
9. You get bonuspoints for a word of 7 (or more) letters, that you have made yourself.


Type of games: 5×20 10×10 5×20+ 10×10+ X+
Minigames: 3×20 3×10 5×20 10×10 X+


A complete list of rules can be found here.